Saturday, October 22, 2016

Caturday! with Basil and Hamish

I promised a Caturday post earlier, so here it is!  Featuring our favorite cats that thankfully agree to live pretty much peacefully with us, Basil and Hamish!  I could have taken photos from old albums but I wanted to only post new, so here is what I came up with over the last week:

DSCF5189 b

I came home early on Tuesday because I did not feel well.  All I needed to do is go to bed, but I waited a couple hours until I had to move them.  They take over the bed in the morning hours after we leave, it's where they sleep most of the day when we're at work, I believe.
If they're not enjoying their main cat tree in the living room they are usually enjoying their first cat tree out on the back porch, while weather permits, anymore.  They are lucky kitties with fine, tall cat trees that are kitty corners of the house with full windows!  Their summer days home alone, well, if I could only do what they do for one day....


Hamish usually occupies the upper part of their cat trees but Basil gets up there sometimes.

They are brothers but so different in body types, I think it's just more comfortable for the bigger Basil to stretch out on the larger lower levels of the newer cat tree in the front of the house.  The older cat tree that's now on the porch was absolutely perfect for the first few years, (I highly recommend it for it's height and steps for kittens,)  Basil has just outgrown it now, I think.  Hamish still hangs in the crow's nest often, when the porch is open.  It is not a heated porch but the sun helps nicely this time of year.

There's more pictures from earlier this week through tonight after the break, and captioned for my pleasure!

Also, at the end is one of my favorite cat stories, as told by George Clooney on Dennis Miller Live years ago.   It's worth it, really.

They've rediscovered toy mice.  Basil begs for the door to open for the one lost inside.

Your mouse is not in there, Basil!  Goddammit.

Hamish, just waking up.

"What's up, man?  I was sleepin' over here!"  They do like sleeping on the pink blanket lots.

Hamish, hanging out on our cat's equivalent of a throne.

Basil, still wanting his mouse.  No, it is not in this closet, either!

The back end of Basil going after a treat he was too lazy to get until I ran out of the treats in my hand.

The porch is closed for the season, but for sometime allowances.  No more free come and go, kitties!

Once out there, well, how exciting is this?  Just wait until it's really, really cold.  Then you'll remember last year...

Okay, you can come back in.  This will happen now until, um, April or May, maybe?  They do like the porch.

Now spend 3 minutes for this hilarious story...!


delcatto said...

The cats look very happy and are fine looking felines. The go out / come in palaver when the weather changes is all fun and games!

Scoakat said...

Except when it's way below freezing and they want to go out or come back in so I crack the door open for them and they just sit there letting all the cold air in. Just like cats do!