Friday, September 9, 2016

Another Lake Voyage

It's been a busy week and I've neglected to post pictures of last weekend's venture on Lake Mendota with Terry and her sister, Becky, on Terry's pontoon boat.  Again, it was a beautiful day - sunny but enough clouds to keep you from roasting out there.  It turned out to be a little windy so the adventurous plan of crossing the lake to visit Picnic Point was just not feasible for the boat and horsepower we had this day and with this wind and in this direction.  The waves were a little much, as you may see after the break.

DSCF5082We settled for veering off to the old, standby cove where it is always easy to anchor and relax with other boaters, out of the bigger waves in the middle of the lake and in shallow waters where you can touch the bottom.  Still, I appreciate their willingness to venture out in the boat more this year, even trusting me in the driver seat.  I did grow up around boats a bit when younger and this all reminds me of how I loved the water and boating then, and still do now.

The specialty drink of today's venture was something with vanilla fluff (marshmallow) vodka, orange soda and topped with a floating marshmallow Peep.  A very sweet way to enter the lake!

There was also one very amusing moment when a mutual friend texted Terry by mistake, which led to each of us texting him back different things, trying to give him major hell, of course.  I think he finally got it and understood his mistake.  Thanks for the comedy relief, James!

I will see all these people and more this weekend so I'm sure to post something about that next week.  I'll be on vacation, finally, and I have a project to document, so stay tuned...!

A self-indulgent dump of boating pictures after the break, captioned for my pleasure!

The path of boats leaving and entering the channel.

My wife and our trusted Captain Terry!

On the way out, I thought this was picturesque.


I thought the clouds were picturesque, too!

Pan the camera down for more things picturesque!! :)

Until I soaked them with the waves, that is.  I had just let up on the gas to inquire if they would rather go to the cove.

It was pretty unanimous then.  Due to the winds and waves, to the cove it is!

A very nice afternoon, indeed.

It was about now we had our fun with James!

Another zoomed in view of the State Capital across the lake before we went back in.


Mom said...

Great photos of everyone and everything! It looks like a wonderful day on the lakes. Happy Birthday, Son!

Scoakat said...

Yes, thank you, it has been a fun day so more to come, but later.