Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Is Coming

DSCF4600It is not quite fully here yet - there is talk of snow later this week - but it is pretty damn close.  It is still a little too early and the ground is a little too soft for yard work.  But the time is coming fast.  I've spent all winter sick from one thing or another.  I'm looking to spring to be a new beginning, new health and wellness in warmer weather.

I took more pictures but there's only a few things starting to come up so far.  I've not posted much over winter but I feel it is time to act more alive.  I also posted a couple pics of the garden over at our Garden Blog.

There is much to be done this year and it isn't going to do itself.  Last year it was getting the tree removed.  This year I need to start getting quotes for roof, gutters and porch.  Yes, it may be a very expensive 2016.

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