Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Fridge!

20151010 019It's almost the middle of October and I haven't posted much of anything lately.  Well, I could do a This-And-Thats post but it would probably be rather short.  I could rant about the Wisconsin Badgers pathetic offense or rave about the undefeated Green Bay Packers, but I'm not a sports writer.  So about all that's left that has happened lately is getting a new refrigerator.  So be it!

We've had the fridge ordered for about a month now, waiting for it to be in stock and delivered.  The old fridge was, well, old and was starting to have some issues.  We could have called a repair man and possibly have gotten it fixed, but ultimately decided now was the time to upgrade.  We got exactly what my wife wanted; a black french door fridge with the freezer drawer on the bottom - and an ice maker for me!  We had the plumber out last week to install a water line for the ice maker since the old one didn't have that luxury.

We had delivery scheduled for Saturday and got the call on Friday evening that the refrigerator would be delivered between 4 and 6 pm.  The next day we were at the Harmony Bar and Grill for a late lunch and when we were finished, around 1:30 we got the call that they would be there in about 20 minutes.  I know they are always early, but they made some good time that day (and he told me later we were their last delivery).  We scurried home quickly and what happens first thing but the spring on the garage door breaks!  Spend some money and then have to spend more money, my luck!  Anyway, we got the fridge emptied into coolers before they arrived.  They had the old one out and the new one in and set up and were gone by the time the football game started at 2:30.  Perfect!

Cosmetically, the new LG fridge matches the Kenmore dishwasher very well, about exact.  But now, well, I saw my wife standing in the kitchen the other night and so I asked her casually if she was looking at the new refrigerator.  No, she said, she was looking at the old stove.  Gasp!  Not yet, not yet!  This fridge was not cheap, replacing the stove can wait for a while, quite a while, we have other big things like a new roof to think about next year.

20151012 004And tomorrow the garage door guy will be out to fix the spring so I can use the big door again.  I do know it is something I could most likely do myself, but I never have and when you get that spring wound it's got lots of scary power.  Yeah, I'll just let the pro do it.

A side by side comparison of the old and new fridge is after the break, if you're interested.

20151010 006

20151010 008

20151010 001

20151010 013

20151010 002

20151010 015

20151010 005

20151010 011


Blue Witch said...

Have you got used to the new one's different storage arrangement yet?

And don't you Americans have huge fridges? ;)

Scoakat said...

Not at all! It is different than the pictures in that we have moved - and in one case removed - shelves to accommodate our stuff. The biggest change for me will be getting ice out of the freezer. While I am ecstatic to have an ice maker, it is low so bending may be a problem at times with my back.

And, LOL, I guess it depends on your needs and space limitations as to what size fridge. This new fridge is just about 21 square feet, if I remember right. An in-door water and ice dispenser is only available on larger sizes. With the freezer downstairs at 11.7 sq ft we have more than adequate space for our current needs!

Don't believe everything you see on American TV shows, BW! ;)

delcatto said...

A matching black cooker will certainly bring balance to the kitchen & then the decor changed to match. ;)

Scoakat said...

The stove, counter tops and flooring are all still on the list for the kitchen. She's even talking about repainting again!

Blue Witch said...

"Don't believe everything you see on American TV shows, BW! ;)"

*whispers* I hate to break this to you, but... I can't stand American TV shows... in fact, the only ones I have ever watched were ER, Will and Grace, and Sex and the City. I'm fairly certain I wouldn't watch any of those now, if they appeared as new shows.

Scoakat said...

Sorry BW, I am guilty of going on perceptions that I am, at most, vaguely aware of.

I don't watch much of anything myself, anything worthwhile anyway. The few hours of the day I have to spend I do so on internet, rather than television, viewing. TV is for sports and background noise 95% of the time in this house. Half the time it is on it is on a music channel!

Mom said...

Nice fridge!! I'm sure you will love it! Sorry about your garage door but at least it is just the spring!!

Scoakat said...

Thanks, Ma!