Saturday, July 11, 2015

What's Your Total?

What's your total of this, well, what looks like a stupid-decision-of-your-youth and other random question poll.  It made me laugh as I found my total over at Bits & Pieces, thanks Jonco!

Here's my answers:
1.)  10
2.)  10
3.)  0, but I'd like half points.
4.)  10
5.)  20
6.)  20
7.)  0
8.)  20
9.)  10 - Ring doorbell and run, I had to look it up!
10.)  10
11.)  30
12.)  0
13.)  0
14.)  10
15.)  20
16.)  0
17.)  0
18.)  0
19.)  10
20.)  30

I scored 210/350, no real meaning in that, though.  Still, it's late and this has entertained me enough to type all this out.  So?  What's your number?


Mike Firesmith said...

Score much higher than you! But I won't tell on which. In my younger days I was a much wilder person,and I did things you couldn't think about putting on a list like this. I've jumped off of bridges into water, jumped off a train trestle while the train was coming, went out of a passenger side window in a moving car to another moving car while they were side by side at sixty miles an hour.

Yes, lucky to be alive, I am.

Scoakat said...

Yes, youth is wasted on the youth!

Some email readers have replied on this to me via email. You're the first to score higher than I, but I don't feel I was that terribly wild then.

Mike Firesmith said...

I met a woman singer named Holly McNarland at a concert where she had just finished singing. She was lost and I struck up a conversation with her that was going places, I thought.

Then this drunk woman came up and scared her away.

That was my rock star moment. And I met Emmy Lou Harris when I was 14.

I aced all the naked parts; I have no shame.

Scoakat said...

I've met several band members from various bands that I could not tell you now. Of those I could the most memorable would be Ace Frehley, King Diamond, and Taime Downe. Off the top of my head, anyway.

I got real starstruck the first and second times I met Ace Frehley, so I don't really seek it out. In fact, Gene Simmons was motioning for me to come backstage one Kiss concert. I was beneath him stage left so I showed him my Kiss tattoo. I got nervous and did not go. (I also would have had to then find my own way home.) The next album out was the Kiss My Ass covers album featuring fan's - you guessed it - Kiss tattoos.

Wow, could've got a blogpost outta this!