Friday, February 27, 2015

Flat Tire and Trouble Walking

Friday is the work day we all can't wait to arrive but when it has we can't wait for it to be over.

When I went to break this afternoon I checked my phone - I had two texts and a phone message waiting.  I never see that type of activity so I knew something was up.  It was my wife, she was okay but she got a flat tire just down the road after leaving work and was waiting for Triple-A to come and change her tire so she could get home.  I gave her a call while she was waiting for them and after some discussion we decided to go ahead and get new tires, the cheapest available and only on the front.  I called the shop right away and arranged for service on Monday.

See, we recently paid off my vehicle so we have no car payment at all now.  We have been discussing getting rid of her 1997 low riding ashtray sedan for a newer vehicle.  We have had it since 2000, so for 15 years now and it has definitely seen better days.  With my broken body it is barely usable for me, I can barely get in and out of the tiny and low car anymore.  The plan is to acquire a new vehicle for me so my wife can drive the car I drive now.

My 2003 RAV4, stock
The problem is that I love my car.  When we get a new one, I will drive the new car and have garage parking to protect the investment and so my wife can smoke in the older car, a 2003 model, and keep parking that vehicle on the street or driveway in all seasons - as I do with same vehicle now.  We always kept her older car in the garage because first; I'm a gentleman and her car is clean and sheltered all seasons, and second; it, frankly, increased the chances of it surviving the last several winters.  Being the non-smoker, I will suck it up and drive the new car (when purchased) and enjoy the garage access for the first time in my adult life.  I'm sure I'll still be using both cars, they will be more interchangeable for short trips and I will make her keep it cleaner than the old car she drives now.  Now for me, let's start talking about heated seats, USB ports, colors and all other options!  Okay, maybe too early for that, but we may have to start looking into it soon.

Meanwhile, on to a story my wife - Miss Trouble Walking herself - told me about her younger days after we got home from dinner and drinks tonight:

She and her bff Terry dropped out of a night school gym class after getting caught not walking during an independent walking exercise class, 45 minutes, for school credit, on their own, outside.  She said they would walk to the car, parked a block away out of sight, then drive around and smoke, listen to music, you know - do what kids would do.  Then they would try to come back like nothing happened - and they got caught.

Like, just take a fucking walk around a block or two, girls!  Wow.  Youth - we've all been there.

We had a good laugh, and there is more detail to the story but she can post it herself if she wishes.  She has always had an open invitation to post but has yet declined.

I hope every one of you has a great weekend!  LLAP

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Mom said...

Good luck car shopping! We just got a different one the end of Dec thru Kevin. Love the Spring photo!! Also, love your Valentine Dinner! Love you!!