Thursday, November 13, 2014

I'm Back!

This must be the longest I've gone without posting anything since I started this site.  Shortly after my last post the old computer was just done.  I couldn't get it to do anything.  She was a workhorse, used practically every day for around 4 and a half years.  Thankfully, I keep everything backed up on external hard drives so we lost nothing.

Then I had no desk top computer but I did have my phone and sometimes my wife's little laptop.  Either one is way too uncomfortable typing to put together any actual post, so my only online presence this past two weeks has been comments here and there on other sites.  Otherwise, at least I was able to keep current on the sites I like to visit daily.

The new computer is essentially the same as the last one - just a little less memory, which is fine because I do not need a terabyte of memory on the computer when I have my external hard drives already.  It also has only one disc drive.  I can't even remember the last time I used a disc drive, it was probably to play a DVD.  I had two disc drives on the last computer thinking it would be easier to copy discs.  That turned out to be about the time I went almost completely digital and I don't think the second one was ever used.  I still buy the CDs and DVDs of bands I want to support, out of loyalty, but it is actually easier to find that stuff online these days.  I wonder how many discs I have that have never been played?

I still have some things to do to get everything in order with this machine but the bulk of it is done.  Eventually it should get back to business as usual around here.  Not better, not worse.  Just as it was before, I suspect.


delcatto said...

Welcome back & (ab)normal service resumed.

Scoakat said...

Thanks, and it just may be a bit abnormal. It was actually nice to take a break, so much so that may be posting less for a bit.

Blue Witch said...

I've had malfunctioning technology problems too. It's all so frustrating and replacements are never as good as the old ones, and fourteen times more complicated.

Most of the time I feel like just leaving it all behind - but so many things *require* internet access these days, so it's impossible to do without.

Scoakat said...

Thanks BW. I never really made the connection before now, but that feeling you mention and all the computer problems here seem to have led to my current less-is-better kind of attitude.
Plus I work on a computer all day and now I have a damn phone I have to deal with!