Friday, September 13, 2013


This has been the least relaxing vacation I have probably ever had.  It started with my back going out 2 days before it started, it felt better in a couple days yet still weak and vulnerable.  The following weekend was spent with my wife's family up north at a cabin by a lake.  We had a good time, mind you, but a weekend with the in-laws should not be included with a personal vacation when the rest of my vacation is full.  Then on Monday and Tuesday I had window reps coming and going so I could not really do much of what I wanted, or I suppose I could have if I liked a lot of interruptions and going back and forth.  Wednesday was my birthday.  It was a gloomy, cool day and by this time I was in a gloomy, cool mood with windows on my mind.  I went out for a late lunch and a few drinks by myself but I just wasn't feeling it.  I stayed in a funk and was lazy all day.  Thursday, yesterday, I contacted the window rep that we wanted to buy from and he came by last night, I had lunch with my friend Jerome, finished fixing the grill wheels and cleaned up the garage so we can fit a car in it again.

That brings me to today, my last 'official' vacation day.  I can't eat anything until I give some blood to the lab around noon.  I have to call the window reps we didn't choose, I have errands to run and I have to write all this out while it's still fresh (check!) and probably post something over at the garden site.  I also have to make a call to the cable company to discuss not getting kissed before they, uh, never mind.  Then maybe, just maybe, make a drink, play some tunes and start one of my vacation projects this afternoon.  I was hoping to get the bottom shelves in the basement replaced this week and I have not started yet.  I had also planned on a 'cat box' project but I want to think about that a bit more and maybe come up with a better plan to do later, not that I had any time this week, anyway.

We'll have to see what happens, maybe I'll just be a bum.  Thanks for listening, I just had to bitch a little.  Some vacation, eh?


N said...

Sounds like you got alot done on your vaca! New windows, super! I'm sure you'll notice the difference this winter.

Mom said...

Last comment was from Mom!

Scoakat said...

Actually, not a lot that I wanted. Really, between all their demos and my own research that week was way too much about windows. More than I had planned, obviously, but it had to be done.