Monday, August 27, 2012

A Fire With Friends

20120826 fire pit

After work on Friday, Kate and I went out for a couple drinks and a snack.  When we got home we proceeded to have a couple more drinks and someone (me) suggested we have a spur of the moment fire pit with friends the next night, Saturday.  So after a half day of recovery we prepared to do it again.  It was fun to get together around the fire, now that the fire ban has been lifted and the lawn is almost all green again.  I still used the pallet and grill mat, I don't want to scorch the grass like I did the first time we had a fire.  That brown spot was in the lawn almost all summer, that year.  It was nothing fancy on Saturday night, just a few friends who mostly would otherwise be sitting at home gathered around a fire and enjoying each others company.  It turned out to be a very enjoyable evening after all, though we did pay for it again on Sunday.  I'm getting too old for that much liquid fun in one weekend, I think.

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