Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacation, Day One

Today was my first real day of vacation after the weekend.  It was productive enough considering how stupid hot it is outside, 100F today, with humidity.  I got up early and went to the home improvement store for odds and ends and some lumber.  When I got home I got right to work putting together another, slightly different, stand for my dual monitors at work.  I built one a couple months ago that works well enough, but I found that a shallower one will work better for me and my work space.  I also built a small stand to go over my adding machine that I don't use more than a couple times a day, but all day it takes up valuable desk space and now I'll be able to put some stackers above it and utilize that space much more efficiently.

Late this morning, I had to quit after the first coat or two of paint to shower, I had an early afternoon appointment for a haircut and a massage.  I still have long hair, but I haven't had a trim in maybe a year so it feels nice to get it cleaned up a bit.  This was also my first professional massage.  I thought it would be more awkward and more relaxing than it actually was, but that's not a complaint.  I only got the half hour massage and if I ever do it again I think I will go for the whole hour.  My masseuse was very nice and professional, as was my stylist.  Still, this is a higher-end place so if I treat myself again it will have to be for a special occasion.

By the time I was done it was the height of the heat time of day, so I stopped off at our local fave bar/restaurant for a couple drinks.  Now I'm home, and staying in the air conditioning for the rest of the evening except for the odd trip out to the garage to put a clear protective coat on my new stands for work.  Tomorrow is expected to be much the same but the rest of the week is expected to be a bit milder, only regular hot instead of stupid hot.  I'm not going to adhere to any kind of schedule this week, but there is edging (seen in the upper left of the pic) that I want to get in by the side fence yet and, of course, the compost bin isn't going to build itself. 

It sounds like work, and it is, but I enjoy these projects that improve our home and property.  I'll probably try and get some more done tomorrow morning and then sit out the heat of the afternoon again.  It is my vacation, after all.

On a side note, all my best goes out to fellow blogger, Delcatto.  He has been through quite a bit of training and change at work lately and is feeling a little down right now and is going to take a break from blogging for a while.  Give him a visit at Tears Before Pearls, it may help make him feel a bit better!


delcatto said...

Thank you Scoakat.
I am pottering along & kept extremely busy at work. One of my colleagues pointed out today that I hadn't had a proper break since earlier this year & I looked tired. I have ten days off after next Tuesday & I intend to relax. Like yourself, some DIY.
I will probably post something next week after some R & R.

Scoakat said...

Enjoy your time off, Delcatto. The last few weeks at work had been grueling for me, but I made it to my vacation and you'll make it to yours. Time away can do wonders for the soul.