Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pic Dump 36

Once more, all the pics I deemed worthy to save for a second look dumped here for everyone's viewing pleasure.  Same as always, some may be NSFW, click the pic for original size if different, much more after the break and just... Enjoy!

I thought I could goad a comment from my brother by posting him in his halloween costume on the front of my last Pic Dump.  Maybe he'll have something funny to say now if I remind him of it!  Hey, Kevin - "OH, YEEAAHHH!"   ...and what do your kids want for christmas?

Update:  Well, he did get back to me - just not here. Presents are ordered and on their way. Oh, for some reason he liked the t-shirt above better than his own halloween costume. Hmm, I wOOnder why?

As always many thanks to the fine sites on 'My Favorite Sites' list in the right column!

Fish Tank

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