Thursday, April 17, 2014

Red Green Live!

RedGreenMarqueeMy wife and I went to see Red Green perform at the Barrymore tonight.  It was a nice evening, no opening act and split up with a short intermission.  The crowd leaned to the older set, but there were younger people there.  He's probably the cleanest stand up act I've ever seen, but he doesn't need to be dirty.  His humor is more the differences between the sexes and the generations, among other things. 

Red Green on the Barrymore stage just hours ago.

It's hard to describe Red Green's appeal to someone who has never heard of him or seen the long-running 'The Red Green Show.'  The show ended in 2006 (that long ago?) after 15 seasons and exactly 300 episodes.  The Canadian show was shown by PBS stations in the states, actively helping with pledge drives and making select appearances in those markets.  If you've never seen the show it is definitely worth looking up on Youtube, especially you older married guys out there!

I actually met Red Green about, oh my, it had to be about the mid 90's, almost 20 years ago!  (He's rather small and I remember my hand swallowing his when we shook.)  I happen to be going to the mall with a friend when he was doing an appearance and signing autographs in a record store.  He was selling his new videotape, which I bought and he signed.  I also got him to autograph a flyer for the boys at the lumberyard where I worked at the time.  We put it between two pieces of plexiglass, framed it with - what else - duct tape, and hung it on the wall of the break room.  It may still be there for all I know.

Overall a fun - yet early - evening (especially at over 50 bucks a ticket).  As he says at the end of every episode...  Keep your stick on the ice!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Faster Pussycat Rock Moment

I've seen this in a few places by now, so I may as well post it.  The bassist in Faster Pussycat gets drunk and takes a header into the bass drum (about 1:30 in) then gets carried off the stage.  The bassist for the opening band steps right in and saves the day!  Pretty Effing funny, to me.  Like Taime says, 'that's rock and roll' and I hope I can give him spit about it in person this weekend.

I'm a huge fan of Faster Pussycat and will see them live - very soon.  I can't believe I haven't had them as an LLP post yet, but that will be resolved, probably this weekend.  I took video of U.D.O. when I saw them last year and it took away from the experience.  This time I will try to get some video, maybe a song, but not much because I really want to enjoy the moment rather than try to capture the show right in front of me on a tiny screen in my face.  But I do want to get something on video and anything less than a complete song is crap on Youtube.  Whatever, I'll do my best and I really won't worry about it as much as I am now. PTFO

Friday, April 11, 2014

Kiss Rock and Roll HOF Induction

My all time favorite band from last night's "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame"* induction. Not the best quality video, but you could wait another month and a half to watch it 'live' on HBO.

*I feel the way Paul Stanley feels about this 'honor.'  If you don't know, look it up.  He's talked a lot about it lately to anyone who will listen.  Probably because his book just came out, too. (I'm about a hundred pages in so far.)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Five Years Blogday

I missed it, but April 8th was my 'blogday.'  Happy Blogday to me!  Five years now.  Wow.  This all started back in 2009

Thanks to all who have visited and even more thanks to all who have commented!

Weak Week

What a week so far...  At least it has been very nice weather-wise, we've had highs in the sixties.  Plant sprouts are taller and, if my eyes aren't deceiving me, the lawn has turned slightly more green.  Next week will start off cooler, below average again with highs in the 40's.

Wisconsin Basketball: Final 2013-14 Grades for Badgers After Final Four Loss
Sam Dekker and Ben Brust after the loss.
The week started by waking up Sunday and avoiding all the articles on the Badger's one point loss the night before in the Final Four.  Oh, I got around to watching and reading most things eventually, but it was a hard pill to swallow.  68 teams go in but only one lucky team finishes with a win.
We'll get 'em next year, boys!

Instead I used my time on Sunday to get started on yard work.  I got the front and back yards fully raked, and I dug up and replaced the drain extension on the side of the house.  There is still some work to do there, though, so maybe I'll post a picture when it is completed.  Other than that there is not much to be done outside yet.  Kate has cleaned up the garden and planted a few things earlier this week.  I'm still hoping she will take over the posting at the garden blog.  I can take pictures easily but she would be better at describing what is happening back there.  My posts tend to be short and dependent on the pictures I take.

Yesterday morning I coughed really hard and threw my back out again.  I did go to work but left after a half day and took today off to try to recover.  I have to go in tomorrow, I just have too much to do.  Also, I have some time off later next week and I'm going to need to have some loose ends at work tied up and a good back to get done what I have in mind.  Back problems never arise at a good time, there is no good time.  I just do what everyone does - deal with it as best you can and carry on.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Badgers - Final Four

Tomorrow night, 7:49 pm CT, 24 hours from now!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lawn Worries and Summer Projects

20140402 001I've been a bit concerned about the spottiness of brown in the lawn since the snow has melted.  I don't remember seeing anything like this the last few years since we've been here.  It is too early for me to be very worried, though.  But there is a known squirrel den above and I really hope it is not from their droppings all winter.

I am glad spring seems to be coming now... well, eventually, but with it will come much work to be done.  Very soon I will replace the drain hose thing on one side of the house, I'm sure I'll post about it so you'll see what I mean then.  and a couple manly things to make in the garage this summer with power tools and wood.  Some screen guard 'lids', for lack of a better term, for the garden so the squirrels can't un-plant what my wife sows in the fall for the next season.  And I keep thinking about a cat box container under the basement stairs.  It would so much help the sweeping we have to do in the area.  The idea seems practical, the design is still under consideration, still a secondary project if anything else comes up.

And then there are all the regular spring things to do as with anybody that wants a respectable yard and landscape.  May all your neighbors feel the same way.  PTFO

Fifty Degree Clarity

Just to set the record straight - and because it has been bugging me - we have about 4 1/2 months between average fifty degree daily highs, just to clarify some recent posts.  November 10 to March 28,  according to the Weather Channel.  

Sorry, it was just bugging me.  As the kids might say - - #OCD

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fifty Degrees!

We finally hit 50º today (see earlier post)! I looked it up and the last time we hit 50º was on December 4, 2013, so I guess I exaggerated  a bit - it is not 6 months between 50º days even if it feels like it. Today we will almost hit 60º, but yes, there is snow in the forecast...

Final Four! and Superstitions

The Wisconsin Badgers are in the Final Four!

Congratulations to the Wisconsin Badgers and Bo Ryan for earning a trip to the NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four next weekend in Arlington, Texas!

It's pretty good being a sports fan in Wisconsin.  I enjoy it.  Most of the major Wisconsin Badger sports programs have enjoyed consistent success for some time now, about two decades actually, to bring respect to the university and teams.  The Green Bay Packers have been pretty good for a while now.  The Brewers have a wonderful stadium and game day experience, and on the field they are always trying.  They have issues but it could be worse, at lease they made the playoffs a few years ago.  And as for the beloved Milwaukee Bucks, well, bless their heart. ;-)

I've become aware that when I post something about  a game, like 'Go Badgers', in a post it never usually turns out well.  That's gotta be my OCD.  I rationally realize that nothing I write here, nothing I wear during the game, nothing I habitually have to do every game because I'm afraid to break a streak, none of that matters to the outcome at all.  Get over myself.

I'm far from alone.  You don't have to be OCD like me to have sports traditions, or more aptly, superstitions.  I'm not as attached to mine as I used to be, obviously since I'm writing this now the night my team punched their ticket to the Final Four.  But I do have them still, but they have changed, lessened, actually, the last few years.  For all Badger Men's Basketball and Badger and Packer football games I still always have to wear my gear.  Team t-shirt, hat, sweatshirt/pants, jersey, or all of them plus more you don't want to hear about.  And I do have little rituals still, but not like I used to.  There used to be candles, statues, flags, straws and even a gnome!  Wait, I still use the Packer Gnome.

Okay, I still have my game day superstitions and rituals, but at least I know that none of them can really affect the outcome of a game on TV.  They only make me feel like I helped maybe by doing something.  Or worse, hurt the team because I forgot something, say, put the flag out.  I hate it when that happens.

Go Badgers, really, grab that national championship!